We play together in a multitude of forms, never fixed and always changing. 

Lady Noise is a free-form sound collaboration between artists and musicians Kelly Coats (flute), Kathleen Kim (violin), Gabie Strong (bass + electronics); with contributions from Helga Fassonaki (guitar, 2012) and Sandy Yang (guitar and drums, 2010-2011). 

Founded in 2010, Lady Noise explores modes of structure and improvisation, creating spaces of interplay and entropy. Disrupting conventional spatial formations of live sound performance, the group freely shapes the area reserved for hearing and language to present the listening audience with the aching beauty of amplified harmonic decay.

Lady Noise has performed with artist Dawn Kasper for the Whitney Biennial 2012 opening events at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Perform Chinatown!, Human Resources, Los Angeles; The Collective Show, Los Angeles; the Verse Chorus Verse Amphitheater designed by artist Liz Glynn at the Art Los Angles Contemporary 2011 fair; with Raquel Gutiérrez at GUTTED, LACE, Los Angeles; An Evening of Light, Space and Sound at the UCR Barbara and Art Culver Center of Art, Riverside; and The Smell.

In 2011, Lady Noise received a commission from The Society for Social Space through Art and Sound (SASSAS) to create a site-specific score for the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

In February 2012 Lady Noise released a limited edition cassette/digital download compilation “LADY NOISE MIXTAPE VOL. 1” featuring live recordings and outtakes. http://ladynoise.bandcamp.com/

Lady Noise will be releasing a limited edition vinyl EP of studio material in the summer of 2012.

About the artists:
Kelly Coats is a visual artist and musician based in Los Angeles, CA. She is currently an active member of Lady Noise, the electronic group Embarrassing Powers and jazz ensemble LA Fog. Coats plays the transverse flute and a variety of other ethnic flutes and whistles interspersed with vocal sounds, sometimes using effects processing and sampling. Coats was a member of the Mexico City based group Mi Grupo Favorito, and various Michigan based garage rock and indy bands. She has performed at a variety of art spaces and music venues including: LACMA, LACE, Highways, Human Resources, The Smell, The Echo, Garash Galeria, Grand Arts, etc. http://kellycoats.com

Kathleen Kim is an experimental musician and composer who currently plays with the groups Lady Noise and LA Fog.  She has a background in classical, jazz and improvisational theories and has studied with Yusef Lateef, Jim Nadel and Inna Nedorezov.  Kathleen also co-directs Human Resources, an art collective, performance venue and gallery located in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Gabie Strong is a visual and sound artist exploring spaces of degeneration, drone and decay as a means to improvise new arrangements of self-reflexive meaning. Gabie has participated in the Los Angeles experimental music and post-punk scene since the late 80s. She has been an active member of Canopy, G-Force, The Trucker Fuckers, Tom Watson and The Best of All, Calm Blue Ocean (w/ Joe Potts), and was an early contributor to the SASSAS "sound." series in San Pedro. In 1998 she released a CD of experimental, improvisational "out sound" music with artists Ron Russell and David Patton, and in 2008-2009 played with Steve Kim and Ron Russell as Ur. Gabie often situates noise performance within the "expanded field," arranging site-specific ephemeral collaborative performances with friends.  In 2008 she organized Sand and Sky Rituals at the Amy and Wendy Yao Art Swap meet in Joshua Tree. In 2010 she staged a durational desert-based performance, Ur Rituals, at the ruins of a jackrabbit homesteader house in the Twentynine Palms area. Gabie currently plays bass and electronic effects with Lady Noise, and also records and performs as a solo player. She has performed collaboratively at venues including Human Resources, LACE, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Las Cienegas Projects, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, and with the Boredoms for the 88BoaDrum event at the La Brea Tar Pits. She received her BA in Art from UCLA in 1993, her Master of Architecture from SCI-Arc in 2006, and her MFA in Studio Art from UC Irvine in 2008.