Dawn Kasper with Lady Noise on the opening nights of the Whitney Biennial 2012 to launch THIS COULD BE SOMETHING IF I LET IT, Kasper’s durational and site-specific nomadic studio installation.

Dawn gave us each a collage-based score to use for improvising sound in collaboration with her own music and physical actions, to ultimately create a locational performance situated within the museum itself. 

This was a very special and tender 48 hours for us. Thank you Dawn!


Lady Noise, Untitled (Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Oct. 16, 2011), at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, 2011.

Washes of white noise, whistling, and breath. The drone of chatter through wind. A melody over takes us, the image/sound of site.

Collated histories of grasses, planes, pumping jacks, and dry lips mingle under a blanket of smog. A melancholic psychic overload of the hot air indeterminate. Everybody knows this is nowhere.

Commissioned by SASSAS, Lady Noise created a site-specific score from field recordings made at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook site in south Culver City. Working with concepts of wind, breath, and air in the post-industrial sublime of Los Angeles, Lady Noise invited multiple players to join us in an amplified open-air concert.

Untitled (Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Oct. 16, 2011) features Lady Noise (Kelly Coats, flute; Kathleen Kim, violin; Gabie Strong, electric bass; and Sandy Yang, electric guitar) with Jesse Appelhans, Aisling Cormack, James Hamblin, Julia Holter, Janet Kim, Stefan Scott Nelson, Ron Russell and Jonathan Silberman. Many thanks to all our friends who contributed, performed and listened.



Countdown to Culver Event, UCR Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts, Riverside, California. Sept. 2, 2010.

Featuring performance by Jorge Martin (electronics and live processing), Anna Homler (vocals and electronics); Greg Lenczycki (keyboards and electronics), Ted Byrnes (drums and percussion), Steuart Liebig (bass guitar); Lady Noise with Kelly Coats (flute and vocals), Kathleen Kim (amplified violin), Gabie Strong (bass), and Sandy Yang (drums and guitar). Video orb installation by Doug Henry and Joe Potts, with film projections and video monitor loops by Gabie Strong.

An Evening of Light, Space and Sound was a live sonic/visual performance which transformed the façade of the Culver Center of the Arts into a large abstract space of color, light, and form. Through video projections, abstract imagery, and live sound compositions, the artists together blurred the distinction between public and private space while exploring new possibilities of live performance and art practice. In respect to Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor, the moon, the artists summoned its equinoctial presence through the projection of its abstracted form on a series of large weather balloons and again through musical improvisation. A sequence of three sound-art ensembles performed music exploring the realms of space and the immaterial in human language through amplified spatial arrangements and sonic improvisations.